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3D Modeling

Our training programs are designed to help you obtain the right skills to be sucessful in the video game industry, special effects and movie industry as well as many other domains such as architecture, publicity and so much more!

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2D Animation

This training program will enable you to acquire the skills to work on animated series, creation of video games for cellular phones. You could become a storyboardist, a colorist, a character designer, a 2D animator and even more!

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Online Tutorials

Originally, Desgraff was designing video game tutorials (English and French) for the years 1999-2005, which is supported by the fact that www.desgraff.com was the world's top 10 in its category (according to expertexchange.com).

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2D/3D Programming

Desgraff studio offers a full program over 1 year in programming interactive 3D software for simulators and video games. You could become a 3D engineer, work on simulators, applications and tools, scripting and much more!

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Desgraff is a college-level private studio, centered on the training of artists as well as programmers in digital arts: 3D animation, 2D animation and programming of 3D game engines ...

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